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Patricia's blog: Katie Loxton eponymous accessories brand - Views ( 174823 ) -article by: Patricia

Patricias' BLOG ( 96 articles!)

Katie Loxton eponymous accessories brand - Views ( 46650 )
Katie Loxton eponymous accessories brand  

Katie Loxton eponymous accessories brand

Author: Patricia , Last Modified, 2021-04-13 19:38:27

Category: fashion Keywords: Katie-Loxton-eponymous-accessories-brand

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Katie Loxton eponymous accessories brand

The Katie Loxton Brand Launches in 2016

Katie Loxton launched her eponymous accessories brand with the intention to create covetable accessories at affordable prices. With retail prices for the brand's signature clutch bag, the Perfect Pouch starting at £16.99 and a weekend bag retailing at £66.99, the Perfect Pouch has carved itself a Perfect Niche in the affordable, yet high quality brands market, in particular proving very popular as a gift. The Katie Loxton brand is now in more than 3,000 stores worldwide, including the top London Outlets John Lewis and Fenwick in the UK.

Before the Katie Loxton Brand

Katie Loxton worked in the UKs capital in Public Relations before going into business for herself. She believed that she was quite a creative person and did not love her work at the time, according to industry reports. So she decided to take some time out to travel and discover what she wanted in life. She was working for money not for passion and did not wish to live her life like that.

In the beginnings it was launched from a tiny home studio, a far cry from today's base in Oxford, where she controls a team of 100 plus. Katie keeps design work inhouse enabling her to be responsive to market changes.

Evolution of Brand Katie Loxton

Her Perfect Pouches became the first success. Putting a focus on quality flexibility and style helped the Brand grow in the early days. The market for lifestyle gifts became big and Katie Loxton Pouches where the Perfect gift. Today her move into fragrance, candles and homeware, are all proving to be popular as are her range of baby accessories. It seems like the brand range is ever expanding.

The top selling product is however still the Katie Loxton Perfect Pouches. As the inaugural piece it has become popular with Mothers of the Groom as a perfect bag organiser.



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Katie Loxton Pouch Bags


Blog title: Katie Loxton eponymous accessories brand

Patricias' BLOG

( 96 articles!)

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Product - Katie-Loxton-eponymous-accessories-brand

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Katie Loxton eponymous accessories brand


Katie Loxton eponymous accessories brand

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Katie Loxton eponymous accessories brand  

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