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What is is a start up Digital Marketplace. We combine Social Networking with Online Stores and a Content Management or Blogging platform to facilitate users in Buying and Selling Digital Games Goods and Services on our Digital Exchange. Think of it like a traditional "Shopping Mall", "Mart" or "Marketplace", with the only difference being that it is online and so accessible from Desktop or on the go from anywhere in the world, 24 / 7.

OMB is free to use and safe to make purchases from merchant stores with our integrated Paypal payment processor. Sellers, Advertisers or Affiliates must pay a small fee to open a Managed Account. Managed Accounts are used to facilitate sellers in delivering a wide range of products and services digitally. Sellers do not need any coding experience and OMB provides full administrative support. We aim to serve small and first timers looking for a low cost effective platform to sell online.

Sellers benefit from OMB marketing and exposure, but are advised to promote their stores via as many social media channels as they can to driver traffic to their store.

OMB is growing rapidly, in a little under 10 months has ranked in Google Search in over 80 countries and 135 cities. Site members (users who have signed up) receive a profile page from which they are able to open and manage a personal blog, an online store with no listing fees and they can make connections to share photos and private messaging and status posts and all for FREE. Members who choose to subscribe to one of the premium services can place dynamic and bespoke advertising on their or other peoples pages and they can even promote other peoples products or services to generate an income stream as affiliate marketers should they wish to.

It is easy to join and you can sign up for free. You can promote anything within reason using your store, profile and blog pages. You can sponsor a game, blog or store to earn from advertising or indeed you can also advertise on articles and game pages if that makes sense for you and your business, just contact us and we'll help you get started. You can literally put anything on or do anything on your the choice is yours. The site experienced success on Facebook with its early marketing campaign that used the slogan Your World, Your Life, Your Bubble. What's On Your Bubble?

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