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Patricia's blog: Sudoku Solver - Views ( 174866 ) -article by: Patricia

Patricias' BLOG ( 96 articles!)

Sudoku Solver - Views ( 646 )
Sudoku Solver  

Sudoku Solver

Author: Patricia , Last Modified, 2021-04-13 21:34:45

Category: marketing Keywords: Sudoku-Solver

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Sudoku Solver

OMB Marketing Services
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES WITH is a new social network marketplace. We curate unique content on our platform targeted to several interest groups. This article discusses four specific business opportunities available on our site.

1. Online Stores - Merchants have the opportunity to sell on our platform. Simply list your products on our integrated store pages and your customers can make purchases using our proprietary shopping cart software.

2. Affiliates - Individuals interested in promoting the OMB site can do so by registering as affiliate marketers. We offer mobile friendly, income generating, blog style pages that incorporate games, puzzles, and targeted content, pages incorporate embedded revenue models including google adsense, amazon store links and OMB advertising and store links which can be tracked to provide transparency over performance for affiliates.

3. Advertising - Advertisers can place custom targeted advertising directly on our pages using traditional banners or other custom curated content articles and links. Pages clicks are tracked and advertisers pay per click, the advantage is you wont be bidding in an auction for the space.

4. Lead capture (referrals) - By using targeted landing pages we capture names and emails from potential customers who are actually enquiring about your product or services. Businesses generate relevant leads which are far more valuable than PPC through our referrals program on a pay per lead basis. To learn more about each of these business opportunities read the articles below and follow the links to the product pages.



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Online Sudoku Game System


Blog title: Sudoku Solver

Patricias' BLOG

( 96 articles!)

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Product - Sudoku-Solver

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Sudoku Solver


Sudoku Solver

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Sudoku Solver  

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