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Donald Trumps Golf Handicap - Views ( 9741 )

Donald Trumps Golf Handicap

Welcome to the Donald Trumps Golf Handicap Sports Blog Last modified 2017-10-10

Donald Trumps Golf Handicap

Donald Trumps Golf Handicap

Donald Trumps Golf Handicap, Last Modified, 2017-10-10

What is President Donald Trumps Golf Handicap?

President Donald Trump is oft quoted in his distaste of exercise and working out, yet perhaps unsurprisingly he plays the game of golf to a very high level.

As an owner of golf courses he is very serious about golf. He is reported to have started his golfing as a college student and he has become a life long student of the game.

But just how good is he really? Some of those who have played with President Trump claim that he might not always play fair, reportedly prone to altering his scorecard and moving the ball.

It probably comes as no surprise to learn that Mr Trump is very competitive and was quoted in the Art of the Deal as being willing to do almost anything to win, (as long as it is legal) but of course interpretation of the rules may be open to different interpretations!

Trump is quoted as wanting to see the Game of Golf becoming an aspirational game. "Where people would aspire to join a club and become successful"

President Trump has publically criticised former president Barack Obama for golfing, but now defends his own frequent outings.

He believes that golf is more than mere exercise and as a social activity that paves the way for him to assert his power. He uses the golf course to conduct businesss sessions.

The official handicap reported for Trump was 2.8, averaging about 3 over par on 18 holes. But as he rarely posts his scores this is hard to validate. Those closer to his game suggest it is closer to 8 or 9. Additionally President Trump is not listed on many non Trump Golf Clubs on the honour roll as a high scorer. He can of course claim what he likes in his Trump Organisation run clubs.

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What is President Donald Trumps Golf Handicap?

What is President Donald Trumps Golf Handicap?



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