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Surreal French Mountain Stream - Oil On Canvas Framed £12,700 - Views ( 9195 )

Surreal French Mountain Stream - Oil On Canvas Framed £12,700

Welcome to the Surreal French Mountain Stream - Oil On Canvas Framed £12,700 Blog Last modified 2021-09-07


Surreal French Mountain Stream - Oil On Canvas Framed £12,700

Surreal French Mountain Stream - Oil On Canvas Framed £12,700, Last Modified, 2021-09-07

Surreal French Mountain Stream - Oil On Canvas Framed £12,700

Surreal French Mountain Stream Oil Painting On Canvas

This artwork was created from a live sketch and reference photos taken during a family picnic in the Southern French Mountains. It is an original creation which has passed through several (production) phases. The project began as a sketch drawn during a family picnic in the French Alps. Note the family in the original pencil sketch are deliberately left out of the final oil on canvas painting.

Phase One

A rough sketch is made to capture the idea or theme.

Phase Two

Reference photos help to capture the colours and reality.

Phase Three

The artwork commences with a watercolour base

Oil Painting

Oil Painting: The project used 12 reference photos taken from multiple perspectives to produce a rather pleasing impressionistic almost surreal final artwork.

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Surreal French Mountain Stream - Oil On Canvas Framed

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