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Before the Flood

Welcome to the Before the Flood Blog Last modified 2017-10-10

Before the Flood

Before the Flood

Before the Flood, Last Modified, 2017-10-10

Leonardo DiCaprio has proclaimed his passion for making the world and more sustainable place and on the eve of his first ever Oscar win he has become a United Nations representative.

In a new documentary which he has launched named before the Flood, was made in collaboration with National Geographic. In the film DiCaprio travels across the globe exploring some of the man made devastation from global warming a phenomenon which he believes we are knowingly creating for ourselves.

It is obvious that Leonardo DiCaprio puts his heart into this documentary which features talks with influential and powerful persons ranging from Barack Obama and Pope Francis to Elon Musk and John Kerry.

DiCaprio explains the purpose for the film which is to create a sense of urgency and to help people understand particular things that we can do to solve the problem. Suggestions span carbon taxes to transitioning the global economy to 100% renewable energy sources which he believes are things that would make a measurable difference.

It seems however that Mr DiCaprio has a hard sell on his hands, many of today's politicians either declare that they don't believe or are unwilling for political reasons to support climate change prevention initiatives.

What do you think do you believe in climate change is this a real phenomenon or something made up by the nanny State to scare people into not living their lives the way they feel they are entitled to do?

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Before the Flood

Before the Flood Official Trailer #1 (2016) Leonardo DiCaprio Documentary Movie HD



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