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Online Banner Advertising Deal

Welcome to the Online Banner Advertising Deal Blog Last modified 2017-05-08

Online Banner Advertising Deal

Online Banner Advertising Deal

Online Banner Advertising Deal, Last Modified, 2017-05-08

Deal details

Hi all. Please note that this advertising deal soon ends. We are offering suitable businesses a cost effective advertising package for £50. We will promote your business for 12 months in up to 10 articles on our website, on your profile blogging account. This deal is a loss leader for us, we are a new start up and believe these deals can be a win win. We, get quality advertising partners based on essentially a risk free trial of 12 months just £50. You and your business or brand receive exposure on a brand new social media platform,


Your business or brand will appear in a display banner or footer similar to the one shown above and below. We will include your display banner in curated articles which are hosted on our blogging platform and marketplace.

Where necessary, we can assist you, at no additional cost, in curating up to 10 articles including preparing artwork. articles provide you with the ability to embed YouTube video in your articles.

To take advantage of this offer you will need to register your business for free on the platform, then provide us with the necessary content for inclusion in your banner ad, which in turn appears in your articles. This includes any images and video links required for producing the display image links to your chosen site.

You could think of this as being similar to Pay Per Click advertising, except that you pay a fixed one time £50 fee irrespective of the number of impressions or clicks your ad receives.

Of course we cannot guarantee your advert with us will produce results, but neither can Facebook, Google or any other social media platform for that matter.

But we are tracking and testing the performance of our efforts using real data. To illustrate how this might work for you let's consider an example:

We tested our methodology on a small upmarket wedding dress shop for three months. We created a very modest display advert and tracked the click-through traffic to the advertisers site.

We found monthly click-throughs averaged about 83 clicks. Remember the test was conducted using a very small display ad for one shop. The display ad appeared exclusively on two or three wedding articles.

By extrapolating by 10 links and 10 articles for 12 months we can reasonably project (83 * 10 *10 *12) = 99,600 ad clicks. If we assume a conservative 0.01 or one percent engagement, it is about 800 engaged customers.

Assuming a modest 1 percent conversion rate, our wedding dress shop keeper might expected to generate up to 8 sales. in the course of a year from this one campaign alone. These results occurred without additional promotion of the articles, which we estimate would boot performance exponentially.

10 Links Banner Deal


Wedding dresses cost between £300 to £3,000, so even if one sales is made this amounts to a return on investment of 600 to 6,000% Percent... Which is a sight more cost effective than any form of advertising we know of....Remember we are ignoring the opportunity cost for time invested in content curation, mostly ours.. but either way I think it is a no-brainer.

So to re-iterate, this deal is a loss leader for us, is a new start-up technology platform with a global reach in over 50 countries and 150 cities. We believe these deals can produce a Win Win result for both parties.

We,, attract quality advertising partners offering what is essentially a risk free, 12 month trial, for a nominal £50 investment from your business. In turn your business or brand receives positive passive exposure on a brand new social network platform.

To take advantage of this deal it is necessary for you to open a FREE account on our website, and purchase the Advertising Deal by clicking on the deal links at the bottom of our home page.

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Professionals and Business owners might also be interested in writing articles or promoting services or products, pages reach readers in 110 countries globally and there are no listing fees for listing your products and services on your Free Online store. You only pay a sales commission if you make a sale on the platform. Your FREE Online Store is created automatically once you signup and a real person will always be available to help you list your products. Our stores are capable of delivering digital downloads so you can sell information products, games, tickets and more.

Advertisers who are fed up paying for non performing promotions on mainstream social media will be interested to know that we operate a strictly Pay for Performance (PPC) Pay Per Click service using bundles. So advertisers can simply decide the value of a click referral and only pay what the referral is worth (subject to negotiation). We operate a PayPerClick Tracking System that "Amortises" the Cost of a Bundle over the Number of Clicks. This ensures Advertisers only ever pay a fair price for clicks or referrals to their site.

For more information you can ’contact us',


A unique opportunity to bid for this Bridal Wear Shop Business in a Prime London location. Sale die to owners retiring.

A unique opportunity to bid for this Bridal Wear Shop Business in a Prime London location. Sale die to owners retiring.



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