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's blog: About AliCat Capital - Views ( 143830 ) -article by: AliCatCapital

AliCatCapitals' BLOG ( 27 articles!)

About AliCat Capital - Views ( 350 )
About AliCat Capital  

About AliCat Capital

Author: AliCatCapital , Last Modified, 2020-10-29 11:01:51

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About AliCat Capital

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About AliCat Capital Management

Our Focus on Technology

?Getting started is easy & free

At Alicat we are investing heavily in New Technology solutions, These technologies underpin all of our service offerings. Approximately one quarter of our total staff efforts go into technology development, which underpins just how critical it has become to our overall strategy.

First off, our technology enhances, not only the quality of service we are able to deliver, but also the experience for our clients.. It allows us to execute transactions more efficiently, and integrates our data and market analytics information we communicate, faster and more efficiently.

Next our technology helps us to optimise efficiency at the firm. We are now more reliant on open source and cloud based strategies than before, reducing vendor expense for operations applications and infrastructure products and market data.

Additionally, technology helps us meet regulatory requirements, such as Basel Accord provisions. We use technology to build and adapt process automation software, which would otherwise be highly manual and labour intensive. Once we fully embed technology solutions, we are able to reduce or redirect resources to support the firm.

Lastly, Our technology creations are in-house Alicat Capital solutions. These stand-alone applications are monetised as external products. We have a successful track record in this regard, with The AliCat Risk 5, N-Gauge and High Impact as examples of platforms we created and monetised. Today, new platforms are helping our clients to communicate, better manage risk and analyse investments. Bigham Net Media an independent company built around our core technology developed and contributed by The Bigham Group. For BNM, we built a common application development platform, allowing our businesses to create sophisticated tools that deliver cutting-edge capabilities to our institutional investing clients.

Access from anywhere in the cloud

AliCatCapital is an independent B2B division of the Bigham Group, At AliCat Capital we design business solutions for individuals operating in Finance, Banking and Capital Markets services. Our Services range from Solutions design and build to full marketing and operational support for our Partners. Our Solutions have proven credentials having been used by leading corporations both publicly listed and privately owned.

Our Vision

Our Online Success..

Our renowned, trustworthy leadership brings extensive experience in all aspects of regulated banking and investment management markets. Our partners enjoy a strategic partnership complete with comprehensive end-to-end service including:

  • UK and international reach
  • Resources and contacts
  • Global markets experience

Your Success

Your Online Success..

Whether you're looking to take your trading environment online or to enhance your existing operations, AliCat can power your regulated market offering with our rich trader experience and outstanding content portfolio. With your own Alicat B2C offering your business will benefits from:dedicated customer service, Alicat will give you:

  • Unique Product and Service
  • Dedicated Client Support
  • Valuable Competitive Edge

Personal Support

Together we Can Succeed..

Online success demands an integrated partnership approach. AliCat offers you uniquely powerful, flexible and custom solutions, across trading, technology, marketing and operations, to help maximise lifetime customer value to your business.

  • Happy to be renewing again
  • Great customer service
  • I recommend them

"We work for our partners. Our purpose is to help their clients invest wisely and create value on behalf of our private investor partners."

AliCat Capital



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Blog title: About AliCat Capital

AliCatCapitals' BLOG

( 27 articles!)

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About AliCat Capital


About AliCat Capital

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About AliCat Capital  

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