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's blog: Excel Trading System Development - Views ( 143804 ) -article by: AliCatCapital

AliCatCapitals' BLOG ( 27 articles!)

Excel Trading System Development - Views ( 491 )
Excel Trading System Development  

Excel Trading System Development

Author: AliCatCapital , Last Modified, 2020-10-29 09:54:45

Category: finance Keywords: Excel-Trading-System-Development

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Excel Trading System Development

​Having traded successfully for more than 8 years, many people have asked for my secret, The AliCat Trading "secret". Of course there is no secret, by following the approach we have pioneered and fully outline on this site for our members, you'll discover for yourself all the information you need to manage risk and trade profitably. This should help those of you who are genuinely interested in improving your own trading performance.

​We can only comment on the approach that we ourselves use. There is no information provided other than that which we have used in practice to trade real money, both for ourselves and clients.

We do not give investment advice but rather offer insight into what we have found to be of value to both select profitable stocks to trade and to manage the risk associated with equities trading in general.

We certainly hope that you find the information useful and would welcome your comments and feedback on the content and quality of the product we offer.

For those of you who have read the information products and wish to attend a live seminar on trading, please let us know and we will inform you personally once we have a sufficient number of people. I am currently giving regular conference talks and seminars and hope to see you at one soon.

Good luck and great trading



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Excel Trading System


Blog title: Excel Trading System Development

AliCatCapitals' BLOG

( 27 articles!)

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Product - Excel-Trading-System-Development

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Excel Trading System Development


Excel Trading System Development

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Excel Trading System Development  

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