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Merry Christmas - Views ( 4839 )

Merry Christmas

Welcome to the Merry Christmas Blog Last modified 2019-02-22

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Last Modified, 2019-02-22

DON'T TELL THE KIDS Santa Claus was REAL according to researchers ... but the bad news is he's been dead for centuries

The real-life Saint Nicholas was just as impressive as the modern Santa, if legend about the famous figure is to be believed..Anyway are my tips for wine lovers this Christmas..

My Christmas Wine List

If your like most people you will be stocking up on your favourite wines in time for the big day. We offer some tips on how to get the most out of your cave this season., April 1, 2017

Unless you plan on alienating your friends, by serving them festive vinegar, we suggest you spend in excess of £10 per bottle this year, here's why. Government Wine tax, or duty is almost 50% more than about five years ago. Some estimates have it rising from £1.50 to about an average of £3.40 per litre in European countries and about £5 to £6 in the UK. The result? Once you add VAT a tax which now accounts for 57% of the cost of a £5 bottle of wine then factor in packaging, transport, marketing and margins, you're left with about 30p for the wine itself and that's if you're lucky. So ask yourself, are you worth it?

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2013 ? ? Santa Claus.. Christmas in Snowy Village ? ? 720HD

2013 ? ? Santa Claus.. Christmas in Snowy Village ? ? 720HD

Stk Trading System Explained in Detail


Stk Trading System Explained in Detail


Stk Trading System Explained in

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