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VisionEconomics's blog: Palladium opportunity alert - Views ( 174807 ) -article by: VisionEconomics

VisionEconomicss' BLOG ( 5 articles!)

Palladium opportunity alert - Views ( 130 )
Palladium opportunity alert  

Palladium opportunity alert

Author: VisionEconomics , Last Modified, 2021-04-13 18:24:37

Category: economics Keywords: Palladium-opportunity-alert

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Palladium opportunity alert

Palladium is prone to outsize swings when sentiment changes, and a reversal in other precious metals such as platinum and gold could drag palladium down as well. After nearly a decade of under supply ,the world is now critically short of palladium and its sister metal rhodium. We have seen a stalling in the rally following the Covid 19 pandemic, partly because the use of cars has declined. Palladium is a key component in the cars catalytic converters, and so is vital for manufacturers. As with any market it is said to have over reacted and many market pundits expect a v-shaped curve recovery. This might mean there is a valid opportunity to enter the market now.


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Palladium opportunity alert


Blog title: Palladium opportunity alert

VisionEconomicss' BLOG

( 5 articles!)

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Palladium opportunity alert


Palladium opportunity alert

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Palladium opportunity alert  

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