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Dominic Cummings Lies To The UK Population - Views ( 107 )

Dominic Cummings Lies To The UK Population

Welcome to the Dominic Cummings Lies To The UK Population Blog Last modified 2017-05-08

Dominic Cummings Lies To The UK Population

Dominic Cummings Lies To The UK Population

Dominic Cummings Lies To The UK Population, Last Modified, 2017-05-08

Dominic Cummings Lies to the UK Population in a bare faced display of contempt for the electorate of Britain. Mr Cummings made what are frankly unbelievable statements to supposedly explain his recent actions breaching the Covid 19 rules on self isolating after he made unnecessary trips to Durham from London under the supposed guise of needing to secure child care if he or his wife were to fall ill. The idea that his actions could be defended are so farcical they do not warrant counter argument. We have all been made to look incredibly foolish today as the Prime Ministers chief adviser gives a weak account that is so unbelievable that we can only assume he thinks we are all stupid. It is blatantly obvious that he went on a Jolly. He visited a Castle and drove to his second home to spend time in his family owned private woodlands, hundreds of miles from his home. Dominic Cummings was so bold to say he did not even regret his actions and frankly came across as a man who simply could not care less.

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Dominc Cummings Lies To UK Population

BREXIT A Clarion Call


BREXIT A Clarion Call


BREXIT A Clarion

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