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Sneaky Snake Game

Welcome to the Sneaky Snake Game Food Blog Last modified 2017-10-07

Sneaky Snake Game

Sneaky Snake Game, Last Modified, 2017-10-07

So I played this game and achieved a score of 44 my highest ever, the game is addictive but I love it. Give it a go.

How do I unwind after a long day?

Play Snake of course!

This is a simple Arcade style game made from Html 5 canvas and works well on PCs, it has not yet been adapted for mobile as it is primarily a test, but even so it is a lot of fun.

I am playing this quite late in the evening, it is not easy when your tired (nor with a moving canvas!).

I think it was the wee small hours.

A few attempts in and I have started to pick up my rhythm, this feels very good but when I get killed you can sense my exasperation.

As the snake grows the sense of investment grows, you become intensely focused and I believe this does help clear the mind of the days stressful thoughts. It really is like meditation, or at least I find it so.

A high score of 44 and it's all over for me, I can't go through it all again, the pain is just too much. Not sure what Ben Franklin's Poor Richard would have to say about all this idling so best move on for now..

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Snake High Score

So I played this game and achieved a score of 44 my highest ever, the game is addictive but I love it. Give it a go.

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