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Wrath-Zone-Super-Hero-Fantasy-Fight-Game - Game Category ( Gruesome Slots ) Advertisement

Wrath Zone Super Hero Fantasy Fight Game

Welcome to the Wrath Zone Super Hero Fantasy Fight Game Food Blog Last modified 2017-10-07

Wrath Zone Super Hero Fantasy Fight Game

Gruesome Slots

Wrath Zone Super Hero Fantasy Fight Game, Last Modified, 2017-10-07

It has been one year since heroes representing both the Alliance and the Horde stepped through the Dark Portal....

Outland was once Draenor, home to both the draenei and the orcs. Shortly after reaching Azeroth and joining the Alliance, the draenei were instrumental in convincing their new allies to venture back into the broken land beyond the portal.

Likewise, the blood elves urged their new allies within the Horde to journey into the realm where their beloved prince, Kael'thas Sunstrider, had come to reside. The prince had sent his people a message beckoning them onward, promising deliverance and future salvation. Thus it was that adventurers from Azeroth flooded into the blasted landscape. The blood elves soon learned that the salvation promised by Prince Kael’thas was a lie, that the prince pursued his own terrifying agenda. The paradise they believed Outland would be was instead a perilous realm of unending conflict.

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