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Old Holborn Tobacco Tin Pen Stand - Views ( 209 )

Old Holborn Tobacco Tin Pen Stand

Welcome to the Old Holborn Tobacco Tin Pen Stand Blog Last modified 2020-12-17


Old Holborn Tobacco Tin Pen Stand

Old Holborn Tobacco Tin Pen Stand, Last Modified, 2020-12-17

"Old Holborn Tobacco Tin Pen Stand" is dedicated to the memory of my father Jim, an Old Holborn Tobacco and Tobacco Tin fan. He used to buy the stuff by the tin, so they remind me of him. He was also a talented wood work model maker and during recent lockdowns I have taken to the craft to pass the time. Having created a number of Customised Mont Blanc pens among other things I needed a Pen Stand. This particular pen is classified as a "Cigar or Bullet" style pen, it is thick and heavy so required a solid sturdy pen stand. I have placed a few white stones in the tin which provided the necessary weight and stability.

The pen itself is built using a brand new Mont Blanc Pen Cartridge encased in burnt and painted "Hand Carved" wood with brass, copper and white stone fittings and adornments. The Old Holborn flavour is still present providing that sweet tobacco aroma that vividly brings back his memory. I recall the way his face would light up as he hand rolled his fresh batch.

He would meticulously hand roll about ten cigarettes which he then placed neatly on top of the tobacco which was carefully stretched out fit the edges of tin. I am not a smoker myself, and the tin does not contain any actual tobacco and or ashes for that matter, "his or otherwise", although I must admit the thought had occurred to me as possibly being a good idea for a "cremation ashes" receptacle, but I'm not so sure about that.. The pen is currently displayed in my Champagne bar at home and adds to that classic character I am aiming for. God bless you dad, your tobacco rolling days are long gone but your memory is not forgotten.

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Old Holborn Tobacco Tin Pen Stand



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