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    The second report in 2017 from our joint global survey with IMA shows that economic confidence remains high overall despite a small dip. .ACCA Global Economic Conditions Survey: Q2, 2017...

    Economic confidence dipped

    Economic confidence dipped slightly in the second quarter of 2017, but it remains relatively high. The Global Economic Conditions Survey (GECS) findings are consistent with other survey data, such as the manufacturing PMIs and the official GDP figures, which show the global economy in good shape. .

    South Asia is the most confident region in Q2

    South Asia is the most confident region in Q2, and although confidence fell slightly in North America, it still comes in second. Confidence levels are lowest in the Middle East.

    As in Q1, the biggest concern cited by respondents is rising costs (47% of respondents), both in terms of wages and raw materials. Second on the list are worries about decreased income (40% of respondents), followed by concerns about securing prompt payment. Concern about suppliers going out of business is respondents’ smallest concern – cited by just 9%. .

    The opportunity to benefit from innovation is the main positive development

    The opportunity to benefit from innovation is the main positive development listed by respondents (41%), which is followed closely by the opportunity to focus on niche products (34%). Worryingly – in terms of the outlook for the next few quarters – just 13% of respondents cite the opportunity to increase orders.

    The inconclusive result of the UK’s general election in June appears to have had an adverse impact on the country’s economic confidence, which fell sharply in the second quarter; it is now at its second-lowest level since the GECS began in 2011.