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    Learn How To Trade - Metals Futures Online

    Learn How To Trade Metals Futures Online; Metals & Mining Trading Portal - News Update: Since the second half of august copper prices have been on a tear towards a multi year high. But emerging signs are showing that the complex is entering a corrective phase. Throughout the week the red metal waffled around before experiencing heavy selling pressure on Friday which sunk prices to a two week low. Spurred by Asian fund buying, positive US and Chinese data and falling LME stocks copper hit a September 2014 high in recent sessions, however the physical market hasn't shown any signs of improvement and the convergence between to two was signalling over-bought status....
    1Chile 21962
    2Zambia 734
    3Japan 4542
    4Kazakhstan 3637
    5Australia 2904
    6Poland 2672
    7Russia 2528
    8India 2248
    9Germany 2106
    10Peru 1989