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Eric Bigham FCCA is the founder and CEO of OnMyBubble.com. He provides the strategic vision for OnMyBubble.com's roadmap and works with the development team to translate that into practice. He is a Qualified Accountant with a background in international commerce and high technology startups, management consulting and banking. Before founding OnMyBubble.com, Eric's two decade career spanned International Commerce, Finance and Banking in senior roles as both Professional Finance Director and Management Consultant, which exposed him to experiences in both business infrastructure support and at the commercial front office. He has worked with business leaders in cities like New York, London, Dublin, Edinburgh and many major European Cities. It was the combination of these experiences trying to balance work with his personal relationships often working from hotel room or high speed train that drove him to develop OnMyBubble.com. The idea was to provide a Single Social Hub capable of organising his Family, Friends and Financial activities. A platform for sharing projects with people capable of bridging the multi generational international family divide.

My mother wanted to share her photo album with the very same grandchildren who wanted to upload and sell online games and other digital downloads. I wanted a platform with the capability to let my young daughter from her summer holiday home in France, snap and add a gift to her personal online store and with a single private message have her dad in Scotland pay for it so it reaches her Granny in Ireland. A platform to help manage and control financial projects such as a group investment portfolio or even an entire property management company, and so much more your imagination is the limit.

In fact millions of street market traders are attempting to build websites whilst simultaneously trying to run their businesses and 50% of those we speak to are frustrated by their inability to offer efficient online sales to their customers. With OnMyBubble.com traders of any type including home based parents, or social media bloggers can quickly and easily be up and running with an integrated blog, store and social profile, removing both the financial and technical barriers to entry that so many website builders and online marketplace platform providers seem to erect. OnMyBubble.com helps them to build and maintain relationships using a set of interactive social media, blogging and transaction processing money transfer tools, letting individuals of any skill level promote buy and sell internationally between friends, family and fans, which truly bridges the geographical and generational divide.

Eric studied Business, Technology, Finance and Economics at Kingston University graduating with Distinction before entering the Chartered Accountancy Profession and is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Aside from OnMyBubble.com, Eric is actively involved in Corporate Finance advising a number of London based Technology Entrepreneurs. In his spare time Eric might be found skiing in the French Alps, drinking Beer in Brussels, visiting North America, travelling in Southeast Asia or the many European cities on his doorstep. As well as his professional finance qualifications he holds a number of certifications in fitness teaching and gym instruction and is a life long gym goer. As a schoolboy boxer Eric competed at County Dublin level in Ireland’s mini Olympic Games and on his 40th birthday he completed the Accenture Adventure Racing Club Microsoft UK Challenge trials. He has been known to coach family, friends and work colleagues, he led his entire (or most) of his finance team at PCCW in daily aerobic circuit classes, at the (onsite) gym and has had the privilege to personally coach a number of elite athletes, he once even helped train an Investment Banker attain a Supreme Pass in the demanding Royal Marine fitness trials, an iconic 60s Superstar Singer / Actress prepare for a Major West End appearance and a former Middle Weight boxer return to peak fitness.

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