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OMB is an Online Social Network site with users in 150 cities from 50 countries globally. Membership is completely FREE and we'll never share or sell your email or data without permission.



Your Bubble

Your Bubble
Communicate and share instantly with individuals and groups. Apart from the ability to network with friends and relatives, you can also access different OMB apps to sell online and you can even market or promote your business, brand and products by using the FREE OMB Blogger or opt into to paid OMB ads.

What's On Your Bubble?

Social Network

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Create a Photo Gallery, Add Friends, Send Private Messages, Post Status Updates and Chat all from Your Personal Profile Page.

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Online Marketplace

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Buy and Sell or just Request and Transfer Money with the OMB Marketplace. Your FREE OMB Online Store integrates the worlds leading and Most Secure checkout systems PayPal. It is FREE to List Products and Services on Your OMB Store Page. Transactions are subject to PayPal charges and OMB Commissions.

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Article Marketing

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Promote your products or services with Your Free OMB Blog. List Your Articles in more than 40 popular blog categories and your message could reach a global audience. Our Content Management System is Fully Search Engine Optimised with the Option to add Video, Images and Your Own Key Words and Meta Tags, Tell Your Story. It's FREE and FUN.

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Games & Apps

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Play games, take quizzes and if you're a game developer even publish, market and monetise Your Game on the OMB platform.

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I am currently offering a great advertising deal to businesses. The deal is only £50 for a 10 link banner for 12 months. The banner will appear at the bottom of up to 10 articles which can be tailored to the advertisers customers. Check out the home page to view the deal, I have also added it to your facebook page I think. I will promote this deal on your home page also so you can click the links to view.

Deal details

Amazing Online Advertising Deal

Cost Effective Advertising with 10 Links Just £50 For 12 Months in up to 10 Articles. It Makes a Lot of Sense. Do It Today. Click Here to Buy This Deal Now. is a new social networking site with article marketing, online marketplace and social networking.

The site has a global reach and is indexed in over 1700 google listed URLs. Your advertisement will appear as a footer in up to 10 article pages which are read globally by thousands of people who might just be your future customers.

Articles are created to appeal to your readers interests so with this form of marketing your are targeting your users specific interests. We will help you curate your ad and articles to specifically suite your needs including preparing the necessary artwork for the banners. The sample in this photo illustrates how your ad might look. Visit the home page to view the banner which has 10 photos containing links. All clicks on your ad are tracked using our software.

Monthly Growth
Profitable Clients

PREMIUM SERVICES receives thousands of visitors each month from all over the world, more than 150 cities in over 50 countries in fact so you might be interested to know about some of our commercial services.

1) Advertisers:

OMB Performance Based Marketing is a cost effective solution for advertisers wishing to pay on a performance only basis. Pay Per Click and Pay Per Lead campaigns curated to match your target audience.

2) Publishers:

Reach users in 150 cities worldwide with our Search Engine Optimised promoter solutions. Article marketing is fast becoming the standard in high end goods and services promotion. We can support your efforts to build an effective marketing tool. We can even integrate dynamic Google adsense, native advertising or link campaigns into your pages.

3) Merchants:

List Products or Services in Your OMB Online Store or Marketplace.Promote those products by writing articles and sponsor links on relevant articles that drive traffic to your store page.

4) Game Sponsorship:

OMB FREE Games are hugely popular with users. We plan on introducing many more going forwards. By sponsoring a game on our gamer site you can get your message out to thousands of players through curated promotional content. Our game pages rank high in the search engines in 109 countries and games are listed by us on highly trafficked gamer sites. Games can be an effective marketing tool.

5) Native Advertisements:

OMB BLOG Contains over 40 categories including music, games and fashion. Our members write articles which appear on their personal blogs and also get listed in specified categories. Native Advertisements appear in and next to blog posts in a discreet and complementary manner. Your advert is designed by our team to complement your chosen blog category. You only pay each time your article is downloaded by users, on a CPM basis Cost Per Thousand Impressions. Article Advertisements and links are limited. Each article is a unique URL in the Search Engines and gets crawled by google spiders and listed in the google index. By sponsoring a native advertisement your message could reach highly relevant traffic globally. Best of all you only pay for Performance. Call us to discuss sponsoring a Pay Per View (CPM) Native Advertising

6) Link Sponsorship:

OMB BLOG Contains 45 popular categories including music, games and fashion. Our members write articles which appear on their personal blogs and also get listed in their specified category listing. Links can be sponsored by Article, By Category or by Publisher. Article links are limited in number as article is a separate URL in the Search Engines. By sponsoring a link you could attract highly relevant traffic. Best of all you only pay for Performance. Call us to discuss sponsoring a Pay Per Click (CPC) link

7) Sponsored Content:

OMB Articles could help your company drive awareness among your target users. Article Marketing is increasingly being recognised as an effective and ethical promotional tool. It can be the perfect way to promote your business through regular company updates targeted to specific user audiences with interesting and engaging content. Our team is here to help you craft your message. We offer article writing and article support packages. Our blog pages are SEO ready, Search Engine Optimised. This means your article is in fact a wholly unique url in the search engines and as OMB site pages are crawled by the search engines your article gets listed in Googles powerful global search database. Unlike many social media sites that limit the reach of your posts, we do not.

  • Social NetworkAdvertisers

    Our Performance Marketing Platform provides a Cost Effective Solution to Advertisers.

    Our Social Network platform has hundreds of blogs indexed with Google and our audience Spans the Globe.

    Readers can choose from over 43 Popular Blog Categories and Our Dynamic Ad Server Application sends Relevant Ads to these pages

  • Create Adverts For Your Company
  • PPC Performance Payments Only
  • Dynamic Ad Server for Relevance
  • Fee Based No Bidding
  • 0.16 pence per day

    One off payment £59.99!
  • Affiliate MarketingBloggers

    OMB Income Builder is a Solution for Affiliate Marketers who want to Generate Online Income using Social Media.

    Generate Income Each Month by Sharing Posts and Writing Articles about things that Interest You.

    We'll place adverts and products on your pages and share the revenue with you. Sign up below or view sample blog page.

  • Customised Page Design & Hosting
  • CMS Content Management System
  • Unlimited Income Generating Pages
  • Endless Support
  • 0.99 pence per day

    One off payment £359.99!
  • Online MarketplaceMerchants

    List Your Products to drive more sales traffic by leveraging our affiliate marketers. offers a full suite of tools to manage and market your marketplace store.

    We also believe in the power of human interaction and have built a team of account managers and support representatives.

  • List Anything We'll Help You Sell
  • Our Affiliates Will Market Your Inventory
  • Customers Pay Through Our PayPal Store
  • You Fulfil the Order We Pay You
  • 1.99 per day

    One off payment £699.99!