Christmas Party Sandwich
Christmas Party Sandwich Recipe

Christmas Party Sandwich

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Christmas Party Sandwich

Love your festive sandwiches? Make and devour this Christmas Favourite

We all love a cheeky Christmas sandwich so I've collected the best ideas I could find to make your Christmas sandwich a little different and hopefully yummy. This classic snack comprises grilled cheese with Turkey, cranberry sauce shovelled over large baps or carved crusty bread slices grilled until crispy and best served medium hot... Enjoy with a perfect Chardonnay, water or juice as you soak up the Christmas TV evening specials.

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I'll definitely indulge in one of these Santa Claus shaped baby sandwiches as will my daughter know doubt, made from leftover turkey or chicken layered with leftover Christmas stuffing.

Kids go crazy for these Christmas Bad Boys. Santa Shaped Christmas Sandwiches can be knocked up in 15 minutes flat. You know the're just perfect for the kids lunch box in run up to Christmas, smashing!

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