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harrietesther's blog: The Don Juan Hotel - Views ( 152919 ) -article by: harrietesther

harrietesthers' BLOG ( 13 articles!)

The Don Juan Hotel - Views ( 944 )
The Don Juan Hotel  

The Don Juan Hotel

Author: harrietesther , Last Modified, 2020-11-26 04:12:29

Category: travel Keywords: The-Don-Juan-Hotel-Review

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The Don Juan Hotel

Don Juan Hotel

Lloret de Mar, a town on the Costa Brava in Spain's Catalonia region, is known for its Mediterranean beaches. The medieval hilltop Castle of Sant Joan, to the east, offers views over the area, while the central Iglesia de Sant Rom� church provides examples of both Catalan Gothic and modernist architecture. On a cliff overlooking the sea, the Santa Clotilde Gardens were built in the style of the Italian Renaissance.

Gran Hotel Don Juan Resort is a complex of three buildings, two of which, have comfortable rooms, and the third (refurbished in 2017) has superior rooms and suites. The complex has an endless number of common areas both exterior and interior for the enjoyment of all customers.

Among the outdoor areas we find two swimming pools for adults, one with wooden solarium, and another with artificial turf solarium. In the latter, there is a children's pool with a small playground for children.

There is also an indoor swimming pool where in summer all kinds of sports activities are performed. Between the two outdoor swimming pools, there is a garden of Mediterranean vegetation with a small fish pond.

All the pool areas offer bar service.In the central area of the complex, we find a multi sports court where you can practice tennis, ping pong, soccer, basketball, ...In the interior common areas we find the NIWA Restaurant, where meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are served with buffet service. The restaurant (renovated in 2017) has an imposing vertical garden, and a beautiful Japanese garden.

The restaurant offers a great variety of Mediterranean food and five themed buffet dinners per week (Mexican, Catalan, Andalusian, French and American). The complex also has a large main hall with bar service, and several lounges to hold all kinds of events.

It also has its own nightclub. For the little ones, we have three different clubs: Baby Club (from 0 to 3 years old), Mini Club (from 4 to 12 years old) and Teenager Corner (from 12 years old). All these spaces are equipped with modern facilities for the maximum enjoyment of the smallest. As a complement to your stay, you can also find a small shop and a hairdresser. Tags



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Don Juan Hotel Review


Blog title: The Don Juan Hotel

harrietesthers' BLOG

( 13 articles!)

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The Don Juan Hotel


The Don Juan Hotel

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The Don Juan Hotel  

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