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PussInBoots's blog: Mittens for Kittens - Views ( 174773 ) -article by: PussInBoots

PussInBootss' BLOG ( 6 articles!)

Mittens for Kittens - Views ( 7550 )
Mittens for Kittens  

Mittens for Kittens

Author: PussInBoots , Last Modified, 2021-04-13 16:56:15

Category: cat Keywords: Cute-Mittens-for-Cute-Kittens

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Mittens for Kittens

"Three Little Kittens" is an English language nursery rhyme, probably with roots in the British folk tradition. The rhyme as published today however is a sophisticated piece usually attributed to American poet Eliza Lee Cabot Follen (1787–1860). With the passage of time, the poem has been absorbed into the Mother Goose collection. The rhyme tells of three kittens who first lose, then find and soil, their mittens. When all is finally set to rights, the kittens receive their mother's approval and some pie. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 16150.
The poem was published in England in 1827 in a mock review by William Ewart Gladstone, writing as Bartholomew Bouverie, in The Eton Miscellany. [1]



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Kitten Mittens (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)


Blog title: Mittens for Kittens

PussInBootss' BLOG

( 6 articles!)

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Mittens for Kittens


Mittens for Kittens

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Mittens for Kittens  

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