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PussInBoots's blog: Rapper CV Video Goes Viral - Views ( 174769 ) -article by: PussinBoots

PussinBootss' BLOG ( 6 articles!)

Rapper CV Video Goes Viral - Views ( 945 )
Rapper CV Video Goes Viral  

Rapper CV Video Goes Viral

Author: PussinBoots , Last Modified, 2021-04-13 16:47:10

Category: careers Keywords: Rapper-CV-Video-Goes-Viral

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Rapper CV Video Goes Viral

I thought this was an interesting post. It goes without saying curriculum vitae or CV, as it is commonly known as, plays an important role in convincing your future boss about your potential. We all invest a lot of time and energy in curating an impressive CV and, of course, there have been some who went to different lengths at that. However, have you ever tried rapping your CV? Well, if the idea sounds too incredulous to you then take pointers from Dkirk, who has just done that and how! Applying for media company, Vayner Media, he rapped away his entire CV to the tune of Kendrick Lamar's 2017 hit "DNA", and if you are curious about the parody lyrics, sample some here. "I already got a Mac/ Might as well be there on the map." Things, however, just get funnier. "I am a hard worker and you can criticise And I won't take it personal I know there's room to rise."



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VIDEO: Think your CV is awesome? This guy just RAPPED his resume for a job, can you beat that?


Blog title: Rapper CV Video Goes Viral

PussinBootss' BLOG

( 6 articles!)

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Rapper CV Video Goes Viral


Rapper CV Video Goes Viral

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Rapper CV Video Goes Viral  

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