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loveorgoneart's blog: Crystal Art - Views ( 213336 ) -article by: loveorgoneart

loveorgonearts' BLOG ( 3 articles!)

Crystal Art - Views ( 412 )
Crystal Art  

Crystal Art

Author: loveorgoneart , Last Modified, 2021-08-06 00:49:10

Category: design Keywords: Crystal-Pieces-Love-Orgone-Art_EXCLUSIVE_HANDMADE_ORGONITE_CRYSTAL_ART_AND_JEWELLERY

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Crystal Art

I originally trained at Chelsea School of Art and Design. My most recent art project was working for several months as a volunteer artist under the guidance of Lama Rigzin, a master Thangka painter commissioned to travel from Nepal to London to decorate the Shrine Room of Kagyu Samye Dzong, a Buddhist Centre in Bermondsey, SE London.

Also, I am a fully qualified Bio-energy Therapist, completing my training with the Bi-aura Foundation at Regents College London in 2009. I have practised from the Greenwich Natural Health Centre and worked for the Bi-aura Foundation as Assistant Trainer as well as taking part in complementary health care events such as CAMEXPO, Earls Court London.


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Exclusive Handmade Love Orgone Art


Blog title: Crystal Art

loveorgonearts' BLOG

( 3 articles!)

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Crystal Art
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Crystal Art  

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