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EricBBigham's blog: affiliate marketing tips - Views ( 113670 ) -article by: EricBBigham

EricBBighams' BLOG ( 110 articles!)

affiliate marketing tips - Views ( 343 )
affiliate marketing tips  

affiliate marketing tips

Author: EricBBigham , Last Modified, 2020-07-06 01:18:07

Category: marketing Keywords: affiliate marketing tips

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affiliate marketing tips

How to generate an income from home by becoming an Affiliate Marketer, July 26, 2017
2. Affiliates - Individuals interested in promoting the OMB site can do so by registering as affiliate marketers on our main site.

Affiliate Marketers can generate passive income streams using our mobile friendly responsive webpages. You don't have to sell online to generate revenue for yourself and your family, rather you need a web page that provides search engine optimised pages that have a number of revenue streams associated with them. Our approach is to use multiple revenue streams that support and reinforce each other. Each page you are promoting could have a number of stores associated with it, our pages have OMB store pages, amazon store pages, amazon product links, advertiser links, content specific curated adsense ads. You get the picture

Affiliates are required to promote their pages using whatever ethical means they wish. Income generating, blog style pages that incorporate games, typically this means writing two to three blog posts per day and emailing or re tweeting their articles to followers and friends on OMB and Other Social Media sites.

The real key to becoming a successful affiliate is to be active daily in your niche. Our blogging tools let you rapidly generate pages that are SEO optimised, this means each post you create will have its own url listed and hopefully ranked by the search engines. We will coach you in this should you wish for support just contact us on the main site and ask for help. For example lets say you are a beauty therapist, you send posts out on face book. But did you know or are you aware that facebook distributes your posts to only a fraction of your following. They restrict your natural search find-ability because they want you to pay them to boost your post, they know you are a business and are not offering you a free advertising platform. The problem is they also don't pay you for all the free content you produce. But they do use your content to attract advertisers who pay them revenue.

So we recommend producing the same posts and articles first on your own pages, which rank and them forwarding the link to the page to your following, this way your fans and followers get to see your posts, if they wish, and additionally your posts also appear in the Google natural search results. A person searching Google for your key word would likely discover your post. The key is to be focused as an affiliate on your targeted key words and make sure you are viewed by the search engines as an authority in your space. This makes your posts more relevant to Googles searchers and so you get more page rank credits. and targeted content, pages incorporate embedded revenue models including google adsense, amazon store links and OMB advertising and store links which can be tracked to provide transparency over performance for affiliates.


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Keywords:affiliate marketing tips

Blog title: affiliate marketing tips

EricBBighams' BLOG

( 110 articles!)

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affiliate marketing tips

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affiliate marketing tips


affiliate marketing tips

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affiliate marketing tips  

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