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RachelR's blog: Qualified Referrals Business Leads - Views ( 174778 ) -article by: RachelR

RachelRs' BLOG ( 10 articles!)

Qualified Referrals Business Leads - Views ( 720 )
Qualified Referrals Business Leads  

Qualified Referrals Business Leads

Author: RachelR , Last Modified, 2021-04-13 17:18:12

Category: business Keywords: Qualified-Referrals-Business-Leads

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Qualified Referrals Business Leads

We all love a bargain. OMB curated content incorporates such articles as price comparison pages. Visitors to these pages are given the option to enter their email and receive a free quote from the supplier. These qualifying leads are worth more to the service or product provider company than any number of paid page clicks as it creates engagement. The conversion rates should be measurably higher and thus it follows the advertisers ROI. The key is to offer quality content and valid price comparison. It is all too easy to see skewed comparison data that misleads a reader and typically doesn't fool them. Shoppers are smart and can easily price check themselves, so if the deal on offer is genuine and makes sense to the reader, I believe the likelihood of conversions is that much better.

I recall when I was at Lloyds TSB the deals the bankers offered typically compared their offer to the incumbent, however it is easy to beat the price of a monopolist and so for true comparison it is necessary to spread the basket of products across a fair sample of providers. Customers know that when you only mention the one or two major players, they are not seeing the lesser know but perhaps more competitively priced deals.

There is always an element of low balling and rate discounting that amounts to teaser rates, and this has proven to be not only ethical as was the case of US, mid west, sub prime mortgage rates, it also proved to be a disaster for the economy at large. Deals by definition require discount as a the price to acquire the customer but the duration and sustainability of the pricing must be transparent. In other words to be truly valuable and ethical and transparent the deals offered should be marketed using the true cost to the customer, not the temporary discounted cost, other wise your comparing apples and oranges so to speak. This might be why energy and banking products that typically attempt to acquire long term contracts often fail miserably contrasted to travel and hotel deals that are based on the price this week or month.



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How to Get Targeted Referrals


Blog title: Qualified Referrals Business Leads

RachelRs' BLOG

( 10 articles!)

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Qualified Referrals Business Leads


Qualified Referrals Business Leads

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Qualified Referrals Business Leads  

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