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Patricia's blog: Listing and Selling Your Property - Views ( 163991 ) -article by: Patricia

Patricias' BLOG ( 96 articles!)

Listing and Selling Your Property - Views ( 639 )
Listing and Selling Your Property  

Listing and Selling Your Property

Author: Patricia , Last Modified, 2021-02-28 00:17:17

Category: real_estate Keywords: Listing-and-Selling-Your-Property

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Listing and Selling Your Property

It is quite possible to avoid many of the charges associated with listing your property for sale today. Estate agents charge up to a whopping 5% of your sale value.
Property For Sale�is an Online Property Listing Service we are launching.
It is part of new social network launched earlier this year called, is an online marketplace.
Property listings are available to registered members of OMB. Sellers can easily sign up to and simply upload property images to a gallery.
You must then Purchase a Listing Product from the Online Store and we will do the rest.
We will list your property on one of our sub-domains and your site will benefit from all the marketing we do. Prospective purchasers can liaise directly with you via your personal profile page.
OnMyBubble has a comprehensive messaging system that will allow you to manage arrangements regards your property and even create groups for secure messaging where more than one person is involved.
It is your responsibility to list in accordance with the laws and regulations of your location and we can not be held liable for any misrepresentation of property particulars. The site is monitored and members can be removed from the system for breach of the terms of service.
We can assist owners in marketing and letting through our personal property agent contacts, and solicitors where required for an extra fee listed in our store as professional services.
Contact us to discuss any special requirements. Good Luck marketing your property!
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Blog title: Listing and Selling Your Property

Patricias' BLOG

( 96 articles!)

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Product - Listing-and-Selling-Your-Property

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Listing and Selling Your Property


Listing and Selling Your Property

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Listing and Selling Your Property  

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