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BPS's blog: How to List Your Property For Sale - Views ( 180087 ) -article by: BPS

BPSs' BLOG ( 9 articles!)

How to List Your Property For Sale - Views ( 2786 )
How to List Your Property For Sale  

How to List Your Property For Sale

Author: BPS , Last Modified, 2021-05-14 02:15:11

Category: real_estate Keywords: How-to-List-Your-Property-For-A-Quick-Sale-At-The-Right-Price

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How to List Your Property For Sale

Property agents typically charge a percentage fee based on your property value

We believe this is unfair.

Why should a simple listing attract a massive percentage of your sale, after all you may have worked to improve your property for 20 years, just to pay a slice of the value you created to an estate agent?

Our simple one off fee for listing your property is the same irrespective of its value.

Pay now to have your property listed and we'll make sure you have your house online and at the very affordable cost just £ 129.99. For this you can add up to 25 photographs to your gallery and we will gladly help you to link them to your very own property sales or lettings OMB Micro Site.

What is an OMB Micro Site?

An OMB Micro Site is like your very own mini web site designed to help you promote and sell your property online.

We are not agents, we provide a listing and technology services and that is what you pay us for

Once your Micro Site is up you are at liberty to link it to as many social media sites and property related sites that you wish to promote and market your property yourself

This helps you cut out the middle man ans so reduce your selling costs

We are not saying that this is for everybody, yet for many it is becoming the preferred selling option



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Blog title: How to List Your Property For Sale


( 9 articles!)


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Product - How-to-List-Your-Property-For-A-Quick-Sale-At-The-Right-Price



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How to List Your Property For Sale


How to List Your Property For Sale

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How to List Your Property For Sale  

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