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Why I love OnMyBubble.com - Views ( 32698 )
Why I love OnMyBubble.com

Why I love OnMyBubble.com

Author: EricBBigham , Last Modified, 2017-10-08

Deep Down from the album EXILE by ROLLINGEXILE

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If you've been looking for a cost effective way to get your business online and build an internet presence then OnMyBubble.com just might be the right platform for you.

Did you know that people are willing to pay you for what you know? Right now millions of people worldwide are searching Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines for a solution to their problem. You could profit from providing that solution! It's called the Knowledge Economy, and today it's easier than ever to join in.

Your experience is unique to you, yet potentially, very valuable to someone else. You've been there, done that, and most probably, worn the T-Shirt, right? So why not help other people learn from your experience? OnMyBubble.com' is a "Search Engine Friendly" platform which makes sharing, marketing and selling "Your Know How" or any other digital product for that matter, easier than ever, be it online games, web apps, videos, images, E-Books, Recipes... the list just goes on.

It has been said that the most valuable commodity on this planet is knowledge. Yet having the knowledge to go online is daunting for many. Which is why OnMyBubble.com aims to make the transition easy for any budding first time online entrepreneur.

Digital economy's are starting to dwarf the economy's for Physical Goods and services. Where as in the past success depended on your ability to have large amounts of capital tied up in stock and inventory, this is no longer necessary. Besides, large scale businesses can do this far more efficiently than any individual. So how can you differentiate yourself online and let the world see your talent?

OnMyBubble.com lets you build a business from anywhere, work anytime, make money even while you sleep! Just by listing and promoting your offerings.
But what if you have no creativity, which is unlikely by the way, or your own digital products to sell?

If creating your own offerings is not your thing there is NO PROBLEM, you can always opt to "Promote" and "Sell" "Other Peoples Products".

OnMyBubble.com is very social, we make it particularly easy for members to connect with other people. By becoming an affiliate marketer you can earn money by selling products that other people create, they spend time making things, you are better at promoting them, it works for everyone.

If you are particularly good at writing interesting posts or articles, Advertisers are also keen to place adverts on your pages that might be of interest to your readers, either way, OnMyBubble.com makes the buying and selling process "Easy and Cost Effective". Gone are the days we hope when you needed to pay extortionate monthly fees to a store provider. OnMyBubble.com has built a Social Network platform with integrated Content Management (Blogging) System and Online Digital Stores, for everyone. It is FREE to use, we take a small commission only after sales are made. So you only ever pay when you make a sale.

We believe this is simple and fair. Most first time "online retailers are not likely to get it right first time and the cost to host a shopping cart that makes no sales is a barrier to entry for many. We believe it is wrong to make money from our members learning curve, and aim to make our platform as user friendly and cost effective as possible. It is free to use all the time and you do not have to be a merchant nor are you required to sell anything if you do not wish to, the option is just their should you wish to take it.

This is why with OnMyBubble.com reaching people in over 150 cities and 50 countries worldwide for FREE is a reality. OnMyBubble.com Site Membership and Listing Your Digital Goods is COMPLETELY FREE and we'll Never share or sell your email or personal data without your permission.

  • So Don't Delay, Join Today and start sharing Posts, Messages, Videos, Images, Articles and Digital Goods?
  • Communicate privately with Individuals or Groups.
  • List and Sell Yours or " Other Peoples" Digital Goods using our User-Friendly Digital Marketplace service.
  • For Your Security and Convenience we use (SSL) Authentication and the Worlds Leading Payment Processor PayPal.
  • Get creative, promote your products, brand or service writing articles for YOUR Personal Blog page.
  • Articles are published in 44 Unique Blog Categories based on Googles Most Popular Ranked Searches.
  • Or Boost Your Business with custom Targeted Advertising, Promoted Links or Lead Capture Services and Solutions.

So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time you joined the digital economy?

Getting Started

Once you decide to join just sign up and create your account. Spend some time reading through the Academy section to learn the technicalities of the site. Then just have a go.

After you have familiarised yourself with the Academy, you can choose where you want to take your OnMyBubble.com experience, sell on the marketplace, blog and promote or just enjoy the site as a social network with a vast array of interesting things to read, play and learn from..

It's your world,

Your choice,
Your bubble..

What's On Your Bubble?


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OnMyBubble com Demonstration Video

OnMyBubble com Demonstration Video

Deep Down from the album EXILE by ROLLINGEXILE

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Deep Down from the album EXILE by ROLLINGEXILE

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Deep Down from the album EXILE by ROLLINGEXILEOnMyBubble.com

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