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RichardDenny's blog: Selling To Win - Views ( 164715 ) -article by: RichardDenny

RichardDennys' BLOG ( 1 article!)

Selling To Win - Views ( 80999 )
Selling To Win  

Selling To Win

Author: RichardDenny , Last Modified, 2021-03-06 08:58:58

Category: business Keywords: Selling-To-Win

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Selling To Win

According to Richard Denny Most people who have a fear of selling just don't understand what selling really entails. Professional selling is not about making people buy something they don't want or need. A professional sales person is the winner of business and best described as a solution specialist.

Arguably the UKs foremost expert on professional selling Richard Denny has been teaching professionals from all spheres of business and professional life how to Win At Sales and Personal Achievement.

He does this by teaching us what it actually means to be a professional seller and not to get hung up on the labels often associated with bad selling practices, but rather to see ourselves, whatever our job or profession happens to be, as Winners of Business and Solution Providers.

His books are a treasure trove of practical wisdom that work like magic, irrespective of your goal. Denny teaches us that we are all selling something, whether it is the person trying to make themselves attractive to a potential partner, all the way up to the professional politician including the Prime Minister selling her policies to the electorate and her government colleagues.

To Succeed we all must know how to distinguish a true prospective client from the so called Tire Kickers! Richard Denny introduces many tried and trusted approaches to sales success including the so called Pre-Close technique, a courteous but efficient prospect filtering process that works like nothing you have tried before.

This technique alone is worth the price of all his books combined and some.. I have successfully used it to formulate letters that landed me interviews and later secured me high paying professional positions. That's right, job seekers are Selling Their Personal Skills to Prospective Employers... and the higher up the career ladder you go, the more sophisticated the selling process becomes.

As a former director of a professional consulting firm my job was to sell my firms services to prospects with problems in their business. My Profession (Chartered Accountant) provided me with the tools and expertise to fix their problems, but I would never have had the opportunity to practice my profession if I could not or would not land a client with the resources to consume my services in the first place...

Those who reach the top are often distinguished by a few traits and one of them is that they may have read Mr Denny's books or taken his courses. Either way they are sure to be using his powerful techniques, shouldn't you be also?



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Blog title: Selling To Win

RichardDennys' BLOG

( 1 article!)

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Selling To Win


Selling To Win

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Selling To Win  

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