Is it Important for Fashion Models to Take Good Care of their Health? - Views ( 96034 ) -article by: Patricia

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Is it Important for Fashion Models to Take Good Care of their Health? - Views ( 472 )
Is it Important for Fashion Models to Take Good Care of their Health?

Is it Important for Fashion Models to Take Good Care of their Health?

Author: Patricia , Last Modified, 2017-10-08

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Why I Believe Models Should Take Care of Their Health

You Will Get More Work

If you are healthy you will look healthy and this is sure to lead to better images and more offers of work. Nobody wants to hire a sickly looking model, unless this for a photo shoot of a sickly looking model of course! But in general it makes perfect sense and is in your best interest financially to look healthy, and this starts will looking so.

Your career will last longer

It should be no surprise to you that you are entering what for most will be a short lived career. The reality is modelling is likely to be lucrative whilst you are young or at least young looking. Agencies are recruiting girls barely in their teens. There is a reason for this. They can expect to sell these girls as models for a limited period of time. So to lengthen the life of their investment in the model they must recruit earlier as they obviously find no market for them as they get beyond a certain age.

The healthier you are the younger you will look and the better you will age. This doesn't mean you cant have a career into old age, it just means the demand will decline as you age for your services, or at least for most models, there are always exceptions to every rule and I would never recommend that you base your future on being the exception to the rule, as you are mathematically likely to lose that bet. Smart models take their career earnings of course and use this to establish themselves in an alternative career or line of business. Karlie Kloss is an established coder and has being building her reputation as an advocate for women in coding. This is just one example of planning for a safety net.


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