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The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide To The Getting Of Money - Felix Dennis - Views ( 220 )

The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide To The Getting Of Money - Felix Dennis

Welcome to the The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide To The Getting Of Money - Felix Dennis Blog Last modified 2020-02-29


The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide To The Getting Of Money - Felix Dennis

The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide To The Getting Of Money - Felix Dennis, Last Modified, 2020-02-29

How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis was one of Britain's Richest Men with an estimated fortune of circa £750 Million. He started life a somewhat bohemian character a rebel and founder member of the Antiestablishmentarian group the Youth International Party known as the YIPPIES. Frequently appearing with activists like Jerry Rubin both so called anti capitalists later ironically becoming very very wealthy and personifying what it means to become a capitalist.

Felix Dennis's writing addresses the realities of getting rich and spells out the price one must pay to achieve even moderate levels of financial comfort. Pulling no punches, he tells it like it is. Brutal and unforgiving, in his book How To Get Rich and other books like the Narrow Road. His belief was that making money is like playing a game.

You must forgo all other distractions to win the game, and once you finally do, you should give all your money away, after all it was just a game.

This is a philosophy we have seen become popularised in recent times by wealthy power players such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Technology titans who have amassed huge fortunes are also getting in on this game with Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos joining the giving pledge to relinquish themselves of their large fortunes before they die.

What will you do with your money when you feel you have enough? Please let us know in the comments and if you like this article please like, share and give it a thumbs up.

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How To Get Rich The Felix Dennis Way

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