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Why-do-Beer-Connoisseurs-Drink-Beer-From-a-Pure-Silver-Tankard - Game Category ( Damned Music Video ) Advertisement

Why do Beer Connoisseurs Drink Beer From a Pure Silver Tankard

Welcome to the Why do Beer Connoisseurs Drink Beer From a Pure Silver Tankard Food Blog Last modified 2017-10-07

Why do Beer Connoisseurs Drink Beer From a Pure Silver Tankard Mania

Why do Beer Connoisseurs Drink Beer From a Pure Silver Tankard, Last Modified, 2017-10-07

There is a special feeling you get when you enjoy your favourite brew the way our ancestors did. And, as I understand it, this was usually from a metal tankard.

When you think about it there are several good reasons for using a metal tankard to drink beer. Firstly metal wont break when the inebriated drop their metal tankard after downing a few swift ones... Of course I wasn't actually around 200 years ago, but from what I can gather, from watching movies, pubs were these loud and raucous places where slapping your beer tankard or throwing it at the bar tender were commonplace, come to think of it....

But seriously, there are some other good reasons. The handle on a Tankard lets you hold the slippery receptacle. Both glass and metal can suddenly become wet when beer is served at a cold temperature. Of course many argue that the right serving temperature for beer in general should be warm or at least certainly not chilled. Apparently the flavour of beer is better if it is not served too frosty! However, in my experience, most white beer or lagers at least, prefer their favourite brew served cold, it's more refreshing that way.

So even if it is not best for flavour it is a fact that many of us like our beer slightly colder than recommended.

At the end of the day beer is there to be enjoyed, so drink it the way you like it, the rules are really only for the experts. But as most of us receive Silver Beer Tankards as gifts, from family or friends, this is the most important reason to use a tankard. Why on earth let your best pieces fester in some old storage cupboard? Take out that fine glass or silverware and use it. Surely this is the best way to say thanks for the jug mum!

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Why do Beer Connoisseurs Drink Beer From a Pure Silver Tankard

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