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Join-Our-Affiliate-Program - Game Category ( Platform ) Advertisement

Join Our Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Join Our Affiliate Program Food Blog Last modified 2017-10-07

Join Our Affiliate Program

Zombies vs Rangers

Join Our Affiliate Program, Last Modified, 2017-10-07 was launched as a social network for online retailers, marketers, professionals, business entrepreneurs, social networkers, educators, influencers and more. OMB offers a Pay for performance affiliate marketing opportunity through its social network platform to ambitious hard working individuals interested in generating an income from the comfort of their own home. Affiliates are required to promote OMB and its retail stores to their personal social media networks. Many people already squander valuable hours each day as effectively unpaid employees of Facebook and linked in, posting content that will never yield them a return, however does in fact yield the websites concerned large revenues from advertisers.

Alternatively by investing that same time posting to your own SEO optimised blog site, and only then, should you wish it, sharing your content via your social media channels using both your own and our apps and links. Doing this correctly optimises the chances that your content will be found by search engine robots which increases the chances of your blog pages being found by a readership massively larger than your relatively smaller immediate social network. Those very masses searching for your content, and yes, robots really do rule the world! whereas left to Facebook or linked in your content is not readily shared to your advantage. In fact researchers have typically found that posting on social media sites, like Facebook or Linked In, means that your posts reach just a small percentage of your own social network and so it is Facebook and not you that gets the SEO Page Ranking credits.

Again typically we find that these social media giants, produce little or no content of their own, as is their intended business model, and yet they seem to manage to generate billions of dollars in revenues from your content. Sadly we anticipate greater redundancies in the post BREXIT period where more unemployed individuals will spend yield-less hours online. By doing little more than blogging or posting using our SEO optimised platform, affiliates can manage their own income generating pages. Our affiliate pages require no technical skills, and are in fact designed to be ranked by the Search Robots Google and Bing using our proprietary unique url generating source code not available on any other social media platform.

So rather than becoming an unpaid pseudo employee of Facebook, why not consider becoming an OMB affiliate blogger and turn the skills you already possess from your time on social media into a secondary earning stream? To start generating an online income through promotion of OMB blog pages just visit our affiliate site for more information, register your OMB account and contact us to receive expert guidance on how to proceed. You will work with a consultant who will advise you on placement of google ad-sense, amazon store page links and links to OMB product stores as well as how to monetise leads captured on your pages.

We will work with you to put a scorecard in place that lets you monitor and measure your online performance, without you having to know a single line of code, we do all of that technical stuff for you. You will get a customised Blog Page with links already provided. All you have to do is promote and drive traffic to our site.We know your smart and could go to a Weebly or Wicks and make your own site, and perhaps pay some snake oils salesman proffering to know SEO tricks, but trust me, they don't and it wont make you money, these sites are no better than online brochures, and you have to invest thousand of pounds to get good consultants to build anything for you. I am not offering FREE Consultancy, I have been paid thousands of pounds for my professional services by Accenture, Deutsche Bank and Barclays, so I know most so called consultants could not offer services for budget below six figures. My credentials are real and my profile is public, I belong to a UK regulated professional accountancy body that binds my claims by the code of ethics that I spent six years studying for. I have worked on Infrastructure and back office support and strategy projects for over 20 years, so you can be sure the opportunities are genuine.

But I do NOT promise the laptop lifestyle of the NEW RICH, or what ever other such nonsense some marketers would have you sallow. The poor sods droning on about laptop lifestyles on youtube are clearly not on a beach, just think about sand in you computer. No these individuals are in the conference business, they want your hard earned cash for sitting and listening to them promise you riches, from doing things, they themselves cannot do.

As a Management Consultant I regularly interviewed senior IT professionals from some of the worlds leading Finance and technology growth companies, I can safely say that very few would claim to know the reality behind the Search Endines and the Causation of Traffic, they succeed by doing everything, and I have helped many raise hundreds of millions in equity to pay for the large teams of profesisonals they in fact need. You can't compete with these guys. So really tech pros DON'T SELL SEATS ON GET RICH QUICK COURSES. If you think you can do it, but anybody taking your hard earned cash for seminars to teach you this stuff is most probably a charlatan. Think about it. Could you learn to program the back end of your site and analyse google traffic through the database you built and PHP server side coding you are proficient in? If so then great, go and do it, but if as is more likely you are or might soon be made redundant, I suggest you don't blow you lump sum, rather exercise a little selfish cynicism and instead invest a little time in more profitable ventures, we offer just one of a billion opportunities you could take, I invite you to take it with us.

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