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Join-Our-Affiliate-Program-And-Become-A-Rock-Star - Game Category ( Platform ) Advertisement

Join Our Affiliate Program And Become A Rock Star.

Welcome to the Join Our Affiliate Program And Become A Rock Star. Food Blog Last modified 2017-10-07

Join Our Affiliate Program And Become A Rock Star.

Zombies vs Rangers

Join Our Affiliate Program And Become A Rock Star., Last Modified, 2017-10-07

What Is or OMB for short, is a web based social network platform. It has a built in digital marketplace and content management system and uses a third party purpose built PayPal shopping cart to access the payment processer. A payment processor, like Stripe or PayPal, is a company that manages credit card transaction processes on behalf of a platform like never holds your credit card details.

Registered users have the option to hold monies in an OMB digital wallet and convert cash to digital coins, which can be spent on the platform. OMB uses a proprietary digital coin called OMBCoin. The benefit of using a digital coin as a currency on the platform includes zero transaction fees and potential appreciation in the OMBCoin value, which makes the users money go further, and benefits creators, who benefit from the long term appreciation in the coin.

OMB Coin is a digital asset and digital currency. It is not currently linked to a blockchain but this is entirely possible and we might create an OMB Blockchain at some point. This means, OMBCoins at present can only be spent on the OMB Platform.

The OMBCoin has an exchange rate which is linked to the performance of the financial markets. This means the value of OMBCoins can rise and fall. It has been designed to support the needs of content creators and content consumers or members.

Users register for an account to gain access to free content posted to the platform. They can also deposit money via PayPal which can be converted to a digital asset called OMBCoin. Once monies are converted to OMBcoin, the OMBCoins can either be held or used to purchase "Game or App subscriptions".

Members have an "OMB Wallet". An OMB Wallet, tracks monies held and transactions made. The OMBCoin has an "exchange rate", this is determined by the platform, usually daily and is based on an underlying basket of risky assets. The assets are comprised mostly of technology based stocks but are subject to change. The basket of assets is managed by a selected portfolio manager and the portfolio is focused on high growth stocks.

If the basket of Assets increases in value the OMBCoin Exchange rate improves for the user, and their deposits will stretch further in the marketplace. But just like the real world, the marketplace can experience inflation and the rate of exchange can move the other way.

It is not the intention that the platform is used to trade or invest in risky assets, rather the aim of linking monies to the market is to create increasing value for members and to benefit the creators. Creators who are essentially selling services, remunerated on OMBCoin should benefit from an appreciation in the coin value over time. This incentivises creators to hold monies in their wallet in the OMBCoin currency. There are fees on withdrawal of funds, so it is unlikely to be useful for pure trading or speculation.

The OMB platform includes a digital marketplace and content management system as well as many of the features you would find on a general social network site. We offer the possibility to exchange digital assets, products and services, for online retailers, marketers, professionals, business entrepreneurs, social networkers, educators, influencers and more.

For some creators, we offer a Pay for performance affiliate marketing opportunity. Through our social network platform ambitious hard working individuals, interested in generating an income from their own computer. Affiliates are required to promote OMB and its retail stores to their personal social media networks.

Why Is a better Option Than a Large Platform Like Face Book?

In a nutshell, is a free to join platform. It is essentially a lower cost option than others. currently has no listing fees, no joining fees but this could change. Any business opportunity will require either time or money to get started. The large setup fees charged by other platforms, act as a barrier to entry for new content creators.

There is research which suggests, that to succeed as a marketer with Facebook or some of the "Other" On-line Marketplaces, requires considerable advertising spend to drive traffic to your pages. If you are not spending money with Face-book, you are probably unlikely to be promoted by Facebook. is a start-up itself. Therefore it is actually in our interest to promote your pages. does not use algorithms which limit the spread of your material. We aim to offer an equal opportunity to all users. The quality of your pages and other content is the sole determining factor over how well your content will rank in Google and other search engines.

How Can I Improve The Reach Of My Social Media Content?

Many people could be monetising their content, yet they squander valuable hours each day, effectively as unpaid employees of platforms like Facebook and linked in, posting content that will likely never yield a return to them. This content, does however, create income for the websites concerned, who are not very keen to share it.

Alternatively another option is to invest that same time and energy posting to your own S.E.O. optimised blog website, which will cost you time and money to build, or to create a profile page with, share your content via your other social media channels using both your own and our apps and links.

Doing this correctly could optimise the chance of your content being found by search engine robots which increases the chances of your blog pages being found by a readership massively larger than your relatively smaller immediate social network.

Those very masses searching for your content, and yes, robots really do rule the world! whereas left to Facebook or LinkedIn your content is not as readily shared to your advantage. In fact researchers have typically found that posting on social media sites, like Facebook or Linked In, means that your posts reach just a small percentage of your own social network and so it is Facebook and not you that gets the S.E.O. Page Ranking credits.

Is Online Marketing Growing As A Sector?

Sadly we anticipate greater redundancies in the post BREXIT period where more unemployed individuals will spend unpaid hours online. By doing little more than blogging or posting using our SEO optimised platform, affiliates can manage their own income generating pages. Our affiliate pages require no technical skills, and are in fact designed to be ranked by the Search Robots Google and Bing using our proprietary unique url generating source code not available on any other social media platform.

So rather than becoming an unpaid pseudo employee of Facebook, why not consider becoming an OMB affiliate blogger. We suggest starting small and trying to integrate your OMB Blog pages and content with your other social media. Try and Test is the best method, it's free to try and if you don't like it, you have at least created content, which you own. You can add, edit and remove your content and take it elsewhere if the platform is not for you, that's your right.

Do I Need Special Computer Skills To Become An Affiliate Marketer or content creator with

In this day and age it can help if you have some basic html coding skills, however the skills you already possess from your time on social media can be turned into a secondary earning stream without any special technical skills.

How Do I Get Started With

  1. If you sign up to you will be able to create pages just like this one. If you are reading this page after searching for affiliate marketing opportunities, or work from home opportunities, then you already know that it works.
  2. All you have to do to get started is register for a Free Account by signing up and then Complete Your Profile, by adding a profile photo and getting at least one existing member to join your network. If you get stuck, you can use the contact form and we will assist you with your profile setup.
  3. Then once you have a working presentable profile, simply start posting content. Status posts from your own page, status replies and comments on other pages, blog posts which can include links to product pages, and products listed on your store page.
  4. Your followers can send a receive PMs (Private Messages) as well as public status posts and replies.
  5. The more pages you add to Your Bubble, the more your content will appear in search engines, as these pages are internally linked. The more links you have the more traffic you will drive to your store or the store of someone you are promoting.
  6. Your store is free and is automatically available as part of your profile. There is no need to activate separate apps. Monies paid into your store are held on your behalf, and payments are made to your PayPal account. To receive payment you must request a transfer, and the clearing time is usually three to five working days.
  7. Your store allows you to list services and products, that are behind a paywall, so you can sell premium content to one time only customers or subscribers.
  8. OMB has developed a Subscriptions App which lets you effectively place a time limit on premium page access. So you might choose to sell page access for say one, three or six months.
  9. Subscriber pages can host games and other simple Subscription based Apps. A fan who subscribes to one of your Apps is provided access to the app on their Apps Page.
  10. The Apps page is a page which lists unique or essentially VIP Access to individuals that you choose, so it is possible to share Apps with people who do not pay.
Some example of App Pages include, game pages, photography, audio or video. We are considering the introduction of a live stream application.

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Hello! Looks like you’re enjoying articles This article is free to read but you haven’t signed up for a free account yet. When you ’create a free account', we remember you, so when you ’Log In', you will always come right back to your personal profile page, with notifications and private messages, whenever someone replies to you. As a member you can follow / friend other members, post messages and comment on those posted by others. Members can even send private messages to individuals and groups.

Professionals and Business owners might also be interested in writing articles or promoting services or products, pages reach readers in 110 countries globally and there are no listing fees for listing your products and services on your Free Online store. You only pay a sales commission if you make a sale on the platform. Your FREE Online Store is created automatically once you signup and a real person will always be available to help you list your products. Our stores are capable of delivering digital downloads so you can sell information products, games, tickets and more.

Advertisers who are fed up paying for non performing promotions on mainstream social media will be interested to know that we operate a strictly Pay for Performance (PPC) Pay Per Click service using bundles. So advertisers can simply decide the value of a click referral and only pay what the referral is worth (subject to negotiation). We operate a PayPerClick Tracking System that "Amortises" the Cost of a Bundle over the Number of Clicks. This ensures Advertisers only ever pay a fair price for clicks or referrals to their site.

For more information you can ’contact us',

This is a Sample A Creators Game Page- Fan Subscribers Are Given VIP Access To This And Other Apps When They Login. Subscriber Apps Have Membership Time Limits Set By Creators.

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