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Why Not Write and Article for OMB?: EricBBigham

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Search Engine Inbound Marketing - Views ( 1285 )

Search Engine Inbound Marketing

Welcome to the Search Engine Inbound Marketing Blog Last modified 2020-01-22


Search Engine Inbound Marketing

Search Engine Inbound Marketing, Last Modified, 2020-01-22

Today modern social media marketing technologies empower savvy corporate marketers to reach customers in a way that has never been possible before. Unfortunately, small business owners, may or may not possess the resources to hire the advanced technical skills necessary to leverage that technology.

Search Algorithms and the Performance Analytics required to measure marketing performance are becoming increasingly complex. Ironically this complexity has been introduced by search engines to protect consumers. Consumer protection is intended to prevent internet scammers and online sharks, "gaming" the search engines. This so called search engine gaming is now almost a thing of the past and thankfully the cheats are becoming an extinct species.

However as with any form of well intended regulation or intervention there are unintended consequences. The unintended consequences of "search engine consumer protection" unfortunately is that it discriminates against the very people the internet is supposed to help. Average individuals and small business owners (SMEs) are frequently placed at a distinct disadvantage when compared to a medium or large corporate with a large marketing budget.

These "corporates" can afford to hire highly educated and internet savvy engineers and marketeers, which enables them to out rank the small guy in the search for customers. To make matters worse the large Social Networks often exploit this weakness by charging a fortune to small businesses in so called "post promotion" fees. It seems just getting your message out there is fast becoming an expensive business. So although you could blame the sharks who have made it this way, it's not going to solve the problem for you. or OMB for short is an internet marketing platform or hosted software service which lets individuals and small businesses succeed at inbound marketing. Marketers subscribe on a monthly basis and use the platform to build SEO optimised web pages. Search Engine Optimised pages can measurably improve your chance as a small business owner of being found by your best customers, wherever they are in the world.

OMB provides the data infrastructure required to capture, measure and reach your ideal customer using the internet without you having to have advanced knowledge of data science, maths and statistics. It is little wonder that the average online marketer struggles to drive traffic to their web page. was founded by a former Accenture Management Consultant and Qualified Chartered Certified Accountant who has spent many years designing business systems for major corporations. Accenture charge out rates for consultants similar to Mr Bigham are typically between £ 1,000 to £ 3,000 per day.

By signing up to small business owners can access this "know how" by putting the "" tool-set to work for them. OMB Tools are carefully packaged into the OMB Platform. The platform provides both FREE and Low Cost Paid Support options. Service bundles are packaged to meet the needs of small business marketers and human support is available.

The OMB tool-set blends social networking and online stores with article marketing or blogging and social media messaging, into one Powerful self reinforcing simple to operate " Inbound Marketing Bubble" or cloud based marketing suite!

Your " Bubble " is used to generate marketing leads for your business. This is primarily achieved by sending short social media messages, which are joined up in an SEO friendly way behind the scenes by the systems algorithms. The user also benefits from the growing OMB Global Internet Presence in a transparent, measurable, cost effective way.

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Professionals and Business owners might also be interested in writing articles or promoting services or products, pages reach readers in 110 countries globally and there are no listing fees for listing your products and services on your Free Online store. You only pay a sales commission if you make a sale on the platform. Your FREE Online Store is created automatically once you signup and a real person will always be available to help you list your products. Our stores are capable of delivering digital downloads so you can sell information products, games, tickets and more.

Advertisers who are fed up paying for non performing promotions on mainstream social media will be interested to know that we operate a strictly Pay for Performance (PPC) Pay Per Click service using bundles. So advertisers can simply decide the value of a click referral and only pay what the referral is worth (subject to negotiation). We operate a PayPerClick Tracking System that "Amortises" the Cost of a Bundle over the Number of Clicks. This ensures Advertisers only ever pay a fair price for clicks or referrals to their site.

For more information you can ’contact us',


Inbound Search Engine Marketing

Today Social media technology enables small business owners to reach customers in a way that has never been possible before. Unfortunately however, most small business owners, who are experts in their particular product or niche, may or may not possess th

Why Not Write and Article for OMB?


Why Not Write and Article for OMB?


Why Not Write and Article for OMB?

Discover the secretes of Millionaire Property investors in this short but information rich guide.

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